ROKAHA Bhagawan


Name: Bhagawan Rokaha ( Rokaha Bagawan )

Date of Birth: 5th March 1994

Correspondence address: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.

Permanent address: Gorkha, Nepal.

Language known: Nepali, English, Japanese, and Hindi.

Personal  Traits: Detail-oriented, Openness, Conscientiousness, ability to work in a team.

Hobbies: Travel&Photography, Snow-board, Hiking.

Field of Interest: Precise Positioning (RTK-GNSS), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, 

Academic Backgrounds

Research Theme (Master’s Thesis)

  • Title: Seamless Handover with Multipath Detection Approach for a precise and Robust RTK-GNSS positioning

Research Papers

  • Enhancing RTK-GNSS Infrastructure in Snowy and Himalayan Region Through Rule-Based Base Station Assignment Approach, IWIN2020 (Proceeding)
  • Building a Reliable and Cost-Effective RTK-GNSS Infrastructure for Precise Positioning of IoT Applications, ICMU2019
  • Enhancement of Supermarket Business and Market Plan by Using Hierarchical Clustering and Association Mining Technique, NANA2018
  • Enhancement of Traditional Knowledge with Modern Mind: A Case Study of Aamako Janto an Echo Friendly Agro-device in IoOT (Internet of old Things), TMBER2018

My Catchphrase

“Challenge yourself to be an example of change”